The Magnetic Fields

While we haven't written much about the Magnetic Fields lately or really given them the space their excellent i album deserves, I think I can speak for Rajeev when I say we're more than excited for tomorrow night's Fields show at Zankel Hall. What is more than excited? I don't know, but we're it.

First, there's the seats Rajeev scored. Front row. Literally. We're going to be sitting so close we'll need towels to clean off the sweat spraying off Stephen Merritt when he does one of those patented David Lee Roth-style scissor kicks during a smoking Ukulele solo.

Seriously though, sitting this close will be incredible. Then there's the real reason to be so enthusiastic - the music, man! It's all about the music! As I mentioned, we haven't given enough props to i here. It just seems to be lost in the shuffle sometimes, but it really deserves much respect. While it didn't garner the same amount of critical praise as the magnum opus 69 Love Songs, it's still a worthy candidate for your top 10 list.

DJ Green

What's the natural thing to do after you've just gotten a whole mess of CD's at the WFMU Record Fair? That's easy - you fire up SLSK and go get some more music. Admittedly I wasn't planning on that, but I heard the new U2 album and Andrew Weatherall Fabric mix had leaked and the rest is history.

I had trouble finding Weatherall, but the U2 was ripe for the picking. Jason probably has way more to say on it than me, but I liked it on my first listen. It's certainly way better than the last album, whose studio glaze has been replaced by much more textured and interesting production. The one song that really stuck out to me was "Love and Peace or Else" - a dirty, funky tune that's one of the better new U2 tracks I've heard in a while. (It also happens to be the sole Eno/Lanois production on the record.) Bono's lyrics can still make me cringe though, which never used to be the case in the Achtung Baby days.

I jumped on a bunch other stuff as well last night too. The highlight was DJ Green Lantern's New York State of Mind mixtape, which revives and reworks a ton of Beastie Boys classics by throwing them on top of newer hip-hop tunes. Jay-Z samples, "Hey Ladies" mashed up with "Hypnotize", etc. - it's pretty damn cool and a must if you ever liked the Beasties. I think I'd appreciate it even more if I knew hip-hop better and recognized all the tunes that get used.

Also in the mix - John Tejada's Logic Memory Center (funky minimal techno with vocals - I was very impressed after two tracks) and Death From Above 1979's You're A Woman, I'm A Machine. Too much music, not enough time....